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Kwetu eco-Tourism & safaris would like to share with you an exciting and unforgettable trip to one of world's greatest safari destinations. Known for its rich culture and diverse landscapes, Tanzania boasts a wildlife population that is unparalleled on the African continent. From the vast plains of the Serengeti National park, to Ngororngoro, the worlds largest crater, to Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof top of the African Continent, you will see wildlife and scenery that is truly unforgettable. Furthermore, visits to the rich cultures of the Maasai and chagga peoples show you that there is even more to experience than physical and animal beauty of Tanzania.

We are a local tour company that recognizes the importance of education and conservation, both for our wildlife and native cultures. Conservation efforts in Africa are slowly improving, especially when local people receive the benefits of nature tourism. By joining our tour you will be benefiting the local economy and protect the local environment: We hire and train local people, support local operations such as schools and conservation programs, and take care not to harm the environment. 

We are a very flexible company that is open to make customized safaris based on your travel needs. Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to accommodate all your needs.