Day 1 Transfer from air port to mid-level Hotel in Arusha (Outpost/Karama) for spending a night. Where we will meet for briefing. 

Day 2 Travel to Serengeti National Park for Bush Camping where you will have a Dinner and briefing for the next day program plus short history of the area. Bush campsite overnight (Pimbi or Nyani Public campsite).

Day 3 All day game drive in Serengeti National Park. Serengeti National Park or endless rolling grasslands criss-crossed with forested riverine valleys is one of the unique area in the world covers an area of 14763km²  and  one of the last places in Africa in which large animal migrations still occur including (more than 3 million) blue wildebeests,  (more than 1.8 million ) Burchell’s zebras (Plain Zebras) and (more than 8 hundred thousand) gazelles roam in the area,. During the wet season herds with numbers in the thousands populate the south eastern plains of the park. In the dry season the animals migrate westward into the woodland savanna of the Serengeti and northward to the grassland areas of neighboring Kenya. Bush campsite overnight (Pimbi or Nyani Public Campsite -as last night)

Day 4 Morning game drive in Serengeti National Park, afternoon leave to Ngorongoro Conservation Area  (NCA) via Oldupai George. Within Ngorongoro Conservation Area you can visit one of the foremost craters in the world (Eighth World Wonders) which was formed 2.5 million years ago. May have been taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro. The crater is the result of the volcano vents being filled with sold rocks, the molten material was forced elsewhere by the falling pressures at the collapsed inward forming the caldera. It is the variety of different habitats within the NCA that makes it so uniquely rich in wildlife- complete ecosystem. It is within  NCA where the world famous archaeological sites of Oldupai and Laetoli where the humans history back to 3.5 million years and this story is told in the Rocks and remains (Fossils) found at Oldupai and Laetoli. Bush campsite overnight on the crater rim (Simba ‘A’ Public Campsite).

Day 5 Full day game drive in the crater. Leave to Mto Wa Mbu area near Lake Manyara National Park. Camp Overnight at Twiga Lodges and Luxury camp site- with hot shower and swimming pool.

Day 6 Cultural activities day around Mto wa Mbu (Area near Lake Manyara Nat. Park) where you can have opportunity to visit and learn from different tribes practicing different life style such as Maasai tribe where they will sing and dance for us while using their vocal sound as instruments. The area is found within the low area of Great Rift Valley near Lake Manyara Nat. Park. Around the area you can have an opportunity to visit some of the Schools and Projects supported from a portion of the profit we earn from your booked trip. Camp Overnight at Twiga Lodges and Luxury camp site as last night!.

Day 7 Full day Game drive in Tarangire or Lake Manyara National Park.

In Tarangire National Park the area is estimated to have more Elephants population compare to other National Park in the World where in every single Kilometer you visit at least you can across an Elephant. Also the area is dominated by hundreds species of Birds, trees and other animals. It is an area where you can find Baobab trees.

In Lake Manyara National Park you can watch different species of Birds. By good lack you may have an opportunity to see Tree climbing Lion where is the most popular for them as they has adapted this mechanism for escaping from enemies such as Elephants as the area is well populated by Elephant due to the reason that most Elephant migrates from Tarangire to the area. Drive back to Arusha (Lodge/hotel) and have an arrangement to airport (could be in the same day or next day depend on the flight day) which will make the end of our Safari.