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Angela Shyr - Cambridge, MA

My sister & I had the opportunity of a lifetime traveling to Tanzania.  Little did we know that our experience would be even more remarkable under the guidance & direction of Dennis.  Dennis goes well beyond the call of duty.  If only every place we visited had someone like him.  Dennis has limitless energy, humor, insight and knowledge about the history, geography and Tanzania's life today.  Completely fluent in English, and I suspect talented in linguistics, he is not only an incredible communicator but a great story teller and listener.  He picks up subtleties, nuances and cultural references (since many travelers are from different areas of the world) instantly.  

He is not only the best of Tanzania and more than a tour guide, but the best of a human being - intuitive and mindful and caring of needs and questions, flexible and open to individual and/or group interest.    He is organized and savvy in relationships with other service providers such as hotels, drivers, restaurants etc. and very resourceful if a detail in the plans takes a different turn.  You know he keeps himself constantly informed and is able to somehow keep up with the world at large. Furthermore, he is responsible for your health and safety and there is no doubt in your mind that you are safe.   He does this all effortlessly while navigating and taking you on the greatest journeys throughout Tanzania.   Travel to Tanzania with Dennis at the helm is an absolute must!  



Richard Shepherd, Los Angeles, USA

In January 2007 I came to Tanzania, wanting to fulfill a long-standing dream of seeing Ngorongoro and the Serengeti.  That chance doesn't come around often, especially when you live across the world.  I count myself extremely fortunate that my guide for that chance was Dennis Lyamuya.  He made it an unforgettable trip, and was an excellent ambassador for the tour company but also for Tanzania.  Through his charity work, he later had the occasion to visit me in Los Angeles, and I was able to return the favor and play guide.  I'm determined to go back to Tanzania one day and have Dennis show me more of the sights.  I cannot praise him highly enough, as a person and as a guide. He's informative and knowledgeable, gracious, enthusiastic, perceptive, and fun.  Nobody is forcing me to say all these kind words, but it's a pleasure for me to do so.  I can genuinely say that he made the whole experience immeasurably more special, and my words don't even do justice to how.  Experience it for yourselves.  


Richard Shepherd


Terri Walsh, Berkeley, CA (USA)

I traveled to Tanzania in January 2007 with the goal of safari on the Serengeti and diving on Zanzibar.  I was excited about the trip, but unsure if I would like to be on a guided trip for 7 days in a row.  The experience surpassed my expectations. Dennis was our guide and even though it was a big group, he managed to organize each day and make our experience effortless and joyous.  Dennis was very knowledgeable about the area and the animals, totally invested in making sure we were all taken care of and having a good time, and also simply a joy to be around.
I felt safe and at ease with Dennis as our guide and had a wonderful, memorable trip.

Terri Walsh


Grace and Gerry Engen, Norman Wells, NT   

My husband and I had the great pleasure of having Dennis Lyamuya as our guide through Tanzania, Africa. He was very well spoken and extremely knowledgeable about the local wildlife and the diverse cultures that exist throughout the country. After only a few days it seemed as though we had known Dennis our entire lives and he remains a great friend to this day. Dennis also possesses a deep understanding of how the tourism industry operates and I could not recommend a better person to journey through Africa with!


Grace  and Gerry Engen


Zoe Fox, London (UK)

I spent a week on safari with Dennis in the summer of 2005 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We traveled through the Ngorongoro crater and spent a few nights in the Serengeti. Not only was Dennis very knowledgeable about both the animals and birds, he was exceptionally good at dealing with group dynamics and he constantly provided us with entertaining stories (ask him about why crocodiles and hippos can live together). We did manage to fool him with an interesting photo of rhinos copulating – which he found very amusing!!
Dennis is a wonderful guy, who approaches all situations with positivity and enthusiasm. Even if you aren’t a nature lover it would be impossible to spend time in Dennis’s company without falling in love with your surroundings. He is exceptionally good at evaluating what the group want and will not bore you with unnecessary information – although he knows everything there is to know about the wildlife in Tanzania. He is also very respectful to the groups he travels with and the communities he travels through. Dennis comes highly recommended – if I am lucky enough to go back to Tanzania I would definitely be missing out if Dennis wasn’t my guide!!


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