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Monica Hahn, California, US

I came to know Dennis when he was our guide working for another company. Of all the
guides we had in Africa, Dennis was the most knowledgeable about the flora & fauna
around us. He's great about tailoring the itinerary to meet individual needs & react to the
events that unfold in the wild. He's also a great story teller with a warm smile. Dennis
carried reference books for those who wanted to know even more.
He also offered sensitive insight to the various cultures of the people we met. The
scenery and the animals were what we came for, & they were truly amazing. But the
most meaningful things we took away were a heightened understanding of the Tanzanian
cultures (which we were able to get through Dennis) and the good friend we made.
We've stayed in touch with Dennis, & I've been so impressed with his continuous
quest for knowledge & achievement, as well as his involvement in helping out local
communities. I would highly recommend his tours.

Monica Hahn


Cory Ybarra, California

The three weeks we spent with Dennis and his crew were the best. I have traveled to Tanzania three times as I am the founder of a project there but this trip was exceptional because of Dennis. He is a knowledgeable Safari guide that makes the synchronicity of nature come alive as he explains the existing symbiotic relationships existing in the animal kingdom. In addition, we hired him for transport to and from our project where he went above and beyond the call of duty, delivering cake and shoe shopping for our students. What can I say besides "It couldn't have been better" Just a warning though, his Safari cook is a gourmet and I came back a few pounds heavier.

Cory Ybarra, Founder Building for Generations Santa Cruz,California


Christian Nellemann, Norway

I have relied on Kwetu Tanzania Eco-tourism & Safaris for logistical support when working in Tanzania. They comprise an extremely reliable, knowledgeable and professional tour operator and I heartily recommend their services to anyone who would be looking for an out-of-the ordinary, but reliable operator for their visit to Tanzania.
Dr. Christian Nellemann, Wildlife biologist and tropical research scientist.

Peggy Nelson, New Mexico

In 2005, a group of seven women from northern New Mexico took a trip to Tanzania, with the primary goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. We also planned a ten day camping trip into various parks within the country following the climb. Looking back on the entire experience, we all agree that the camping and tour of the parks and Tanzania's natural and human resources was the highlight of the trip. Dennis was the tour guide, and so much more. He was kind and considerate and we were all taken by hihisgh level of competence and expertise. He is a great observer of all of the life teeming around him. He was knowledgeable about all the wildlife of Tanzania - not just the iconic big cats, giraffes and elephants. We are all birdwatchers, and it was especially delightful to be taken to Lake Manyara to see the birds, both large and small. He was able to name most of the birds that were unknown to us before that time. And, if he couldn't immediately name them, he would find an answer to all our questions and assist with identification. In the midst of our travels from park to park, it came to our attention that we might be able to see and visit with the Hudzabe. Dennis was able to make a change in the schedule and accommodate our requests. It was clear that his interests went beyond wild life to all of the life around him.
It was clear to me, and to all of us, that Dennis is a special person. I don't know quite how to express how special he is. The qualities he brings to the job go beyond spotting ability and technical expertise. He has the ability to turn a vacation into the trip of a lifetime. I will recommend Dennis to anyone planning a trip to east Africa.



Angela Shyr - Cambridge, MA

My sister & I had the opportunity of a lifetime traveling to Tanzania.  Little did we know that our experience would be even more remarkable under the guidance & direction of Dennis.  Dennis goes well beyond the call of duty.  If only every place we visited had someone like him.  Dennis has limitless energy, humor, insight and knowledge about the history, geography and Tanzania's life today.  Completely fluent in English, and I suspect talented in linguistics, he is not only an incredible communicator but a great story teller and listener.  He picks up subtleties, nuances and cultural references (since many travelers are from different areas of the world) instantly.  

He is not only the best of Tanzania and more than a tour guide, but the best of a human being - intuitive and mindful and caring of needs and questions, flexible and open to individual and/or group interest.    He is organized and savvy in relationships with other service providers such as hotels, drivers, restaurants etc. and very resourceful if a detail in the plans takes a different turn.  You know he keeps himself constantly informed and is able to somehow keep up with the world at large. Furthermore, he is responsible for your health and safety and there is no doubt in your mind that you are safe.   He does this all effortlessly while navigating and taking you on the greatest journeys throughout Tanzania.   Travel to Tanzania with Dennis at the helm is an absolute must!