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Clive and Barbara Last, Sheffield
Our week involved a half day in the Lake Manyara National Park, a short walk in the 
Endoro Forest before moving into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We stayed at 
Rhino Lodge close to the crater. We had a half day in the Crater. We then walked for 
a couple of hours around the crater rim through forests and with great views down 
into the crater.
Our other walks were more substantial down into the Empakaai Crater, up to the 
Olmoti Crater, we climbed Mount Makarot and a long walk around the Crater rim. 
The Mount Makarot walk was around 7 hours with about 800m of ascent. The views 
were stunning and varied. We finished across the Malanja Depression, this was a 
highlight for us. The longer Ngorongoro Crater rim walk about 5 and a half hours 
about 25km. This was at a steady pace suited to our fitness.
We felt that the first couple of shorter walk enabled our guide (Dennis Lyamuya) to 
assess our levels of fitness so that they were able to tailor the rest of the walks to our 
abilities. The Empakaai and Olmoti Crater and Mount Makarot walks involved some 
steady climbs. The first two fairly short but the latter quite a long climb. However, 
they were easily manageable for people who are used to hill walking.
Once the week had started, the programme was flexible and adjusted to both our 
tastes and ability. Originally our programme had involved a walk up Mount Oldeani 
with views over Lake Eyasi but this was changed for a walk around the Ngorongoro 
Crater rim walk as this would offer more variety.
One of the things we particularly liked about the walking was being on the ground 
rather than in a vehicle. It was much more exciting to see animals, albeit in the 
distance, when you're on foot. Walking meant that you went through villages and 
amongst local people going about their day to day business; going to tend bee hives, 
returning from the market, taking cattle to water and for women, the relentless task of 
gathering firewood and collecting water. As with our experience on our Kenyan 
safari, the guide's knowledge was extensive and also specific to the area we were in 
so that we learned about local village life and wildlife.
Interestingly, walkers in the area are obliged to have an armed ranger accompany 
them. This is for protection against animals. Our ranger was very friendly and also 
had lots of local knowledge. Walking in an environment like this does have an 
element of danger but you feel entirely safe having the guide and ranger alongside. 
They were both very careful and conscious of our safety, wellbeing and enjoyment at 
all times.
Finally, we would recommend a visit to Shanga Shangaa in Arusha which provides
employment for about 55 disabled adults – a great place to but locally produced
Thanks again
Clive and Barbara Last




Sara, Latoya, and Anisa – Barkley University – San Fransisco (USA)

We had the pleasure of getting to know Dennis during our trip to Tanzania in April
2012 to conduct academic research and some sightseeing. Our trip was planned with 
very short notice and Dennis quickly prepared a customized itinerary that exceeded all 
expectations. Dennis was extremely professional, warm, and knowledgeable. He made 
us feel welcome, safe, and cared for throughout our trip. We learned so much from him, 
not only about wildlife and the sights, but also about the lives of Tanzanians. Dennis 
was critical in the success of our research and getting to know him was a highlight of our 
experience in Tanzania . We wholeheartedly recommend Dennis and Kwetu tours." 
- Anisa, Sara, and Latoya, graduate students at the University of California , Berkeley
If you need anything more specific from us, please just let us know. We want to be 
Thank you for everything, Dennis. We look forward to keeping in touch! 
Sara, Latoya, and Anisa



Daniele Dotto, January 2014
A great small company managed by a great man!
A couple of years ago I was looking for a company to undertake both the Kilimanjaro 
ascent followed by a safari.
When we were put in contact for the first time with Dennis, by mail, a sense of confort 
emerged immediately: Dennis proved from the outset to be a very reliable contact person, 
hearing what you had to say/ ask, understanding your comment/ question and replying 
very rapidly, to the point and constructively and always very patiently, despite my 
numerous questions!
The preparation of the journey was absolutely seamless: Dennis gave the impression of 
mastering perfectly the situation for both events and both his proposals for the programs 
and their adaptations to take our needs and requests into account was simply … easy ! 
The price of the trip is definitely competitive.
Upon arrival in Tanzania, this impression was reinforced as I had the opportunity to 
meet and talk to Dennis: he is calm, pleasant and smiling, reassuring, open minded, 
knowledgeable and extremely pragmatic. His motto “akuna matata” reflects his approach 
to life. No problems, only solutions!
The trek to Kilimanjaro was impeccably organized: not one single -even minute- detail 
depending on him went wrong. The team he made available was great, the logistics were 
all perfect and the route he choose for the trek, with the explanation for his choice, are all 
proofs of his knowledge of the business and of clients and his keen interest to make sure 
that the client is well treated and happy … and I was !
After a successful climb of the Kili the family joined in for the safari. Here again, Dennis 
had managed to make sure that our requests - not excessive but still, like all families, we 
had some - were duly taken into account. The thorough preparation on his side before 
the trip proved essential and -here again- we felt we were taken care of by a very safe 
pair of hands. We were lucky to have Dennis with us in the course of the safari and all 
along we could notice his care for details, his huge knowledge of both flora and fauna, is 
willingness to share with us … well, we really felt extremely spoiled from the beginning 
till the end.
On top of his huge knowledge of wildlife and botanics, Dennis can share with you the 
fascinating side of people of Tanzania! He took us to a masai village, to a school, to local 
markets … well to all those places that you need to visit; in this respect the trip proved to 
be much more than a Kili-safari touch and go!
Thank you Dennis for allowing us to discover your great country, its people, and its 
outstanding natural beauties: its flora and its fauna.
Daniele & Family



John Merritt, August 2013

Kwetu Tours and Director Dennis Lyamuya set up an unforgettable week-long safari experience in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Parks. A complete travel package was fully delivered with drivers, hosts, lodges, sites and attention to detail all delivered as promised. The guide was knowledgable, the driver responsive, and the accomodations were extraordinary. I would recommend Kwetu to any traveler to Tanzania looking for service that goes the extra mile.
John Merritt, Danville California

Tom and Qing

Dennis and his crew offered my wife and me a life-transforming experience. My wife
and I were planning to have a child, and I suggested we have an adventure before
THAT new adventure. Qing (Ching) is from rural China, and I wanted her to experience
something really special. A professor friend of mine from my alma mater—who
specializes in Tanzanian ecosystems—recommended Dennis. He was able to keep the
costs of our dream vacation at a very reasonable level, well below the competition.
Truth be told, I sent dozens of emails to Dennis, pestering him about every detail of the
trip. Amazingly, he answered every email rapidly, dispelled any and all of my concerns,
and made sure everything was just the way we wanted. From the moment Dennis met
us at Kilimanjaro Airport, to the very last day when he drove us around Arusha to buy
special things for our loved ones, he was the perfect host: knowledgeable, sensitive, and
accommodating. Our driver, Athuman, was a clever and able man who always got us the
best viewing on safari. Makarius, the cook, created the most delicious meals even in the
middle of nowhere. We decided to camp, and our tent was so comfortable and inviting.
Dennis made sure we visited every park we wanted to see, and he kept up with the
ever-changing herds. We saw not only the so-called Big Five (including three different
leopards, stalking!, and two rhinos), but cheetahs and cubs, fascinating birds, and a host
of large and small animals for which Dennis gave us insightful information. We saw so
many animals at Ngorongoro Crater (including a just-born wildebeest) we felt spoiled.
Dennis even helped us arrange a balloon safari—it IS worth it! I ran out of pages in
my journal recounting all these wonders. Be sure to visit Mto wa Mbu—this was not
some phony village experience, but a chance to really meet the local people and find
out how they lived. Also, we are so glad we opted for the excursion to Longiddo, where
Samuel, a Maasai, took us to visit local villages and taught us about the Maasai way of
life. These were very special experiences. Finally, Dennis made sure we were connected
to a good company to visit Zanzibar (which is a place you MUST visit) and made sure
everything went off perfectly. You the new visitor will be lured by super slick brochures
and tour companies that talk about “authentic” experiences. I advise you save yourself
the trouble and book a trip with Dennis and Kwetu Tanzania Eco-tourism & Safaris. You
will get a great price, tender loving care, and a trip just the way you want it. By the way,
in case you are wondering, we are expecting our first child! Please feel free to email me
via Dennis for details, or if you are stateside, he can give you my phone number. Bravo,
Dennis—Qing and I will never forget you and our daughter or son will hear much about
you in the future.

Tom and Qing