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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Crater is a true Garden of Eden, with highland forest covering the sheer sides of the caldera and is popularly known as the eighth wonder of the world.  Measuring 16 kilometres in diameter and enclosed in walls over 600 metres high, it acts as a spectacular barrier encircling the wildlife that roams the largest intact crater in the world.

Within Ngorongoro Conservation Area you can visit one of the foremost craters in the world (Eighth World Wonders) which was formed 2.5 million years ago. May have been taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro. The crater is the result of the volcano vents being filled with sold rocks, the molten material was forced elsewhere by the falling pressures at the collapsed inward forming the caldera. It is the variety of different habitats within the NCA that makes it so uniquely rich in wildlife- complete ecosystem. It is within  NCA where the world famous archaeological sites of Oldupai and Laetoli where the humans history back to 3.5 million years and this story is told in the Rocks and remains (Fossils) found at Oldupai and Laetoli.