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Kwetu means “our home, our pride, our heritage” in Swahili. We are local company based in Arusha, comprised almost entirely of local staff. Our goal is not only to give you an excellent wildlife tour, but to give you an opportunity to visit native cultures like the Chaga or Maasai peoples and, with our highly knowledgeable guides, we hope to give you a more complete experience of Tanzania. We feel these experiences can greatly enrich ones travels and are also an important part of raising awareness. Your support of Kwetu eco-tours will also help local schools and our native cultures, as a portion of our profits support these causes.


Dennis Lyamuya works with the Asante Africa Foundation, Inc., based in Livermore California, which focuses on strengthening the health and education of children and families in the African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. Through his employer, Into Africa Ecotourism, Dennis worked with local communities to build schools and provide food, textbooks and educational supplies. Dennis made his first trip to the U.S. in April and May, 2007 and it was a life changing experience.

Dennis was born the oldest of nine children on the slopes of the highest volcanic mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. His traditional Chagga tribal name is Mřio, which means “someone who will support the family.” He was given this name because according to tribal custom, the
first boy will have all responsibilities for taking care of the family. Dennis completed the equivalent of US High School in Tanzania. His family could not afford to send him to university, so he set off looking for work that could help fund further education. He set off to Mount Kilimanjaro to work as a porter and cook. He has made the ascent to the top over 200 times.  He was promoted to Mountain Guide due to his knowledge and work ethic, and then sent him to the College of Wildlife Management for a year of training that eventually led to his role as Guide to the National Parks, and now as a Chief Safari Guide.

After returning from the USA in 2007, Dennis decided to follow his dream for university. He entered College of African Wildlife Management- Mweka and very quickly began to expand his knowledge of environmental and natural resources protection, wildlife management, and how humans and nature must learn to co-exist. In 2009-2010, he was elected by his peers as President of the Student Council. In this role he has represented 27 nationalities of the student population. He has recently traveled extensively within Tanzania representing the college to the Tanzanian president- Honorable Jakata Mrisho Kikwete, as well as other Ministry dignitaries, Tourism leaders , and International Political leaders. He has much to share about how village values and the gift of education  has molded him to become the global leader that he is today.

In early 2006, Dennis led a safari with American travelers Erna Grasz and Mark Newton. He was part of the experience that inspired the beginnings of Asante Africa Foundation to help alleviate poverty and empower villagers through education. He shared her vision of how to help the communities in which he works, and is a valuable in-country partner and advisor to the Foundation.

He shared his experiences and insights throughout California, Oregon and Washington to gather support for Asante Africa Foundation’s work in fighting poverty and empowering children and families through education.


Mountain guide: Peter Chuwa








Cook: Makarius

Driver: Athman